City Budgets Have Been Hit Hard by the "Great Recession." NamePlace Can Help.

We’re organizing and showcasing local sponsorship and naming rights opportunities on a global platform.

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Cities of all sizes are chronically short of funds. Programs they offer are essential for citizen well-being, safety and stability, but money pressures just grow. And more bake sales won’t help.


NamePlace was founded to help. It’s reimagining how corporations and cities, and the neighborhoods they represent, work together for mutual benefit. The value already exists; we’re going to bring it to life.

We’re growing fast. Big or small, if you’re a city or a private or non-profit organization that benefits cities, join today: there’s strength in numbers.

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Are you an owner?

Cities have neighborhood venues like soccer fields, parks, walking trails and swim clubs, each with individual promotional options. They also hold events, as do private or non-profit organizations, again with promotional options. All are welcome, because in the end, cities benefit.

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Are you a buyer?

Local businesses are interested in supporting their communities and letting people know about their services. But so are very large corporations, who need scale to justify their effort. With NamePlace, you can engage with one, or one hundred, venues.

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Are you interested in raising sponsorship or naming rights revenue? Posting is free.

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