Which Account is for Me?

Are you a sponsorship "owner" or a "buyer"? Many sponsorship owners include city offices and organizations. However, owners might also be responsible for sponsorships for programs or events not directly connected with the city. On the buyer side are advertisers or "sponsors", typically a company or brand, and sometimes an organization or person.

Owner examples: Local parks, sports amenities, hiking trails, community programs, little league teams, those places, programs and events that serve to raise the civic equity of cities and towns.

Buyer examples: Regional and national brands, advertising agencies, foundations, celebrities, local businesses or individuals looking to give back to local communities through sponsorships or naming rights. 

I am an OWNER

I represent a city, county or another civic organiation and I'm responsible for sponsorships for this organization. Alternatively I am an individual responsible for sponsorships for my own place, event or program.


I am a BUYER

I represent a company or its ad agency and as such am responsible for finding local or national outdoor media campaigns for the brand I represent. I could also be an individual or brand seeking naming rights.