What is it?

NamePlace is the only online marketplace for municipal naming rights and sponsorships that focuses on smaller venues (you know, the ones just sitting there). We call it the "long tail," and it includes baseball diamonds, soccer fields, running trails, libraries, and such.

Why would we want to participate?

The short answer is money. Large cities and small towns alike want to enhance quality of community life, leading to more attractive and safer environments, but are chronically short of funds. We can help, regardless of your size.


You already have the venues. Advertisers would love to be present when families come together in some of the most positive social settings imaginable — those occurring in your community everyday.

What will it
look like?

First, we'll help you source major advertisers. That will ensure high quality — they want this as much as you. Engagement with your community may include signage, sampling, product giveaways and discounts.

For one
soccer field?

No, not just one. NamePlace will bring all sponsorship and naming rights opportunities online, nationwide. Once online, neighborhood venues can be packaged together into multi-city campaigns. Major brands would not be buying one soccer field, but maybe a 100 or even 1,000 at a time.

This is the breakthrough.

Major advertisers need large numbers to justify their time and effort. By banding together, municipalities create collective mass. NamePlace, through its technology, standardizes and simplifies interaction between parties.

What was impossible before, because of incredible fragmentation, is now possible with a few clicks. Incredible fragmentation, a negative, becomes rich diversity, a positive.


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